RFP – Stream Debris Removal

Nov 30, 2022

Town of Spencer, North Carolina
Request for Proposals – Stream Debris Removal 

Date of Issue: November 30, 2022
Sealed Proposals Due: December 29, 2022, 2:00PM

To Download the Full RFP package, please click here. Highlights of the RFP are as follows.

  1. Introduction : The Town of Spencer has been awarded grant funds through the Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP). The funding is to be used to assist in protecting and restoring the integrity of drainage infrastructure through removal of vegetative debris, fallen trees, dead trees and structurally compromised trees located within and adjacent to existing streams and drainage ways.

 The streams sections that have been identified for this project include:

  • Grants Creek – From Henderson Branch (near Old Mocksville Road) to 7th Street ~4821 linear ft.
  • Grants Creek – From 7th Street to 3rd Street (Hollywood Drive) ~ 6390 linear ft.

(RFP) may be obtained by applying to the Town of Spencer Administration, phone (704) 633-2231 during regular business hours. The Town of Spencer reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals. The Town of Spencer encourages all businesses, including minority, women owned businesses to respond to all Request for Proposals.

The award of a contract under this solicitation will be paid with state funding. Funding is contingent upon compliance with all terms and conditions of funding award. All prospective contractors shall comply with all applicable federal laws, regulations, and executive orders. In addition, contractors providing submittals shall be responsible for complying with state and local laws.

  1. Pre-Proposal Site Visitation

A pre-proposal site visitation will be held on December 15, 2022 at 9:00 AM (EST). Contractors will meet Joe Morris, Special Projects Planner at Spencer Town Hall 460, South Salisbury Avenue, Spencer, North Carolina 28159, and will be directed to the site location from there. This site visitation is not mandatory; however, it is preferred. Contractors are not authorized to conduct site visits on their own unless directed or assisted by the Town.

  1. Questions

All questions pertaining to this Request for Proposal (RFP) shall be submitted in writing no later than December 20, 2022, by 12:00 noon. Questions may be emailed to: jmorris@spencernc.gov. Only written questions will be considered formal. Any information given verbally or by telephone will be considered informal. Any questions that the Town determines are pertinent to all proposers will be mailed as an addendum to the RFP.

  1. Preparation of Proposal

Each bidder must thoroughly examine the Request for Proposal and contract documents to ensure that the contractor can meet all requirements. Proposals shall be submitted on the forms included within the RFP documents. Proposals shall be signed by the person or persons legally authorized to bind the Provider to a contract. Proposals that are not signed will be rejected. Failure to submit a proposal with all proposal requirements may be considered sufficient cause for rejection of the Proposal. Any interlineations, alterations or erasures must be initialized by the signer of the proposal. Proposals shall remain firm for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after proposals are due.

  1. Submittals

In order to be considered all proposals must be sealed and submitted in writing no later than 2:00 PM (EST) on December 29, 2022. Time is of the essence; No proposal will be accepted after the official time and date. Contractors mailing responses should allow delivery time to ensure timely receipt of their proposal. The responsibility for getting the proposal to the Town of Spencer / Town Hall on or before the specified time and date is solely and strictly the responsibility of the responding contractor.

The outside of the envelope shall be clearly marked and sealed  “Stream Debris Removal – RFP.The Town will in no way be responsible for delays caused by any occurrence. Responses may be hand carried during regular business hours (8:30 AM – 5PM) or mailed to:

Town of Spencer
Attn: Joe Morris, Special Projects Planner
460 South Salisbury Avenue
Post Office Box 45
Spencer, NC 28159

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