Spencer Proposes to Update & Modernize Development Ordinance, Zoning Map

May 11, 2021

Public Comments Requested on Spencer’s New  Development Ordinance & Zoning Map. Public Legislative Hearing Set for June 1, 2021, beginning 6:00 PM at Town Hall.

The Town of Spencer is expecting future growth as North Carolina continues to exceed the national averages for population growth. To prepare for the effects of this growth in the Town, the Mayor & Board of Aldermen have directed the preparation a new Spencer Development Ordinance to replace the existing zoning, subdivision, and flood ordinances with a new format that modernizes standards & specifications for land use, development, and new subdivisions.  The Spencer Development Ordinance was completed and its adoption recommended by the Spencer Planning Board on April 12, 2021 to guide development in an orderly and desirable direction.  Now it is time to formally establish new standards & specifications for such development through the adoption of the Spencer Development Ordinance.

On April 12, the Spencer Planning Board recommended to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen the adoption of the draft Spencer Development Ordinance (SDO) along with its draft Official Zoning Map and draft Technical Standards & Specifications Manual. The Planning Board, after several months of analysis and deliberation of the draft documents, determined that the new SDO represents an overall improvement in Spencer’s zoning, subdivision, and flood ordinances and will better facilitate future development and serve the Town’s interests.

At its pre-agenda meeting on May 6, the Board of Aldermen voted to set the date for a public legislative hearing on the new SDO. The public legislative hearing hearing will take place at a special called meeting of the governing board on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, beginning at 6:00 P.M. at Town Hall. (Participants will be asked to follow current COVID-19 guidelines on masking and physical distancing.)

The public is invited to review and comment on the proposed Spencer Development Ordinance. The proposed SDO is available on this page, below. Written comments may be submitted via mail to: Town Clerk, Town of Spencer, P.O. Box 45, Spencer NC 28159-0045. Alternately, comments may be emailed to: Town Clerk, townclerk@townofspencer.com.

View the expanded published notice for the legislative hearing by clicking here.
The following draft articles (PDF) are also available on Google Drive by clicking here.

Reading Guide: Spencer Development Ordinance (SDO)
Draft Official Zoning Map
SDO Table of Contents
SDO Article 1: Purpose & Authority, Official Zoning Map
SDO Article 2: General Standards & Specifications
SDO Article 3: Definitions, Abbreviations, & Symbols
SDO Article 4: Planning Board & Board of Adjustment
SDO Article 5: Amendments to Development Ordinance & Zoning Map
SDO Article 6: Variances & Administrative Appeals
SDO Article 7: Permits & Procedures
SDO Article 7 Addendum: Certifications for Subdivision Plats
SDO Article 8: Districts
SDO Article 8: Table 8.1 – Table of Uses – Section 1 – General Uses
SDO Article 8: Table 8.1 – Table of Uses – Section 2 – Manufacturing & Industry
SDO Article 8: Table 8.1 – Table of Uses – Section 3 – Wholesale
SDO Article 9: Building & Lot Type Standards & Specifications
SDO Article 10: Uses with Additional Standards & Special Uses
SDO Article 11: Landscape Requirements & Tree Protection
SDO Article 12: Off-Street Parking, Stacking, and Loading Areas
SDO Article 13: Streets
SDO Article 14: Flexible Development Standards
SDO Article 15: Special Events & Temporary Structures
SDO Article 16: Subdivisions
SDO Article 17: Sign Regulations
SDO Article 18: Flood Damage Prevention
SDO Article 19: Stormwater Protection
SDO Article 20: Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
SDO Article 21: Open Space
SDO Article 22: Nonconformities
SDO Article 23: Administration & Enforcement
Spencer Board of Adjustment: Rules of Procedure
Spencer Planning Board: Rules of Procedure
Spencer Permit Fee Schedule
Spencer Technical Standards & Specifications Manual

If you have questions, please contact the Planning & Zoning Administrator at (704) 633-2231 ext. 28 or by email at kharris@townofspencer.com.

A presentation on the proposed Spencer Development Ordinance is available in the video player below: