Waste Collection

The Town of Spencer offers a full range of curbside collection services for Town residents, including weekly trash, bulk waste, and yard waste collection. Recycling is available at the Town’s Public Works facility or other local convenience centers.

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Recycling Guidelines- Prohibited items from Landfill

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The Town maintains a recycling center at the Public Works Building located at 600 Sowers Ferry Road, Spencer, NC 28159. Site hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to noon on the first and third Saturday of each month.

Items Accepted at this site include:

#1 and #2 Plastics Only
Mixed Paper
Steel Cans
Aluminum Cans


Apartment Regulations

  • Each apartment house or complex of more than four total units shall provide its own garbage collection and shall provide a dumpster of suitable size to contain the garbage. There will be no exceptions to this section.
  • Must also comply with Business, Bulk, and Brush Regulations described here.

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Bulk Regulations

  • The Town will only pick up debris that is the result of cropping or topping of trees, the felling of trees, tree stumps, or the clearing of undeveloped property on a fee schedule.
  • The Town will NOT pick up debris from trees that was removed by contractors or persons for hire.
  • The removal and hauling of heavy items such as discarded stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, and other heavy objects shall be the responsibility of the persons discarding the items.

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Business Regulations

  • Business establishments in the Town may receive solid waste collection service from the Town for household-type garbage.
  • Trash bins shall be approved 95-gallon rollout-style containers and shall be limited to two. Rates for this service shall be those set by the Board of Aldermen as needed. Containers shall be screened as described in division (B)(7).  In no case shall pickup exceed more than 190 gallons.
  • Waste and refuse must be placed in bags and must be contained entirely within the receptacle. Spillover litter, excess items or bags by receptacles, or any other condition declared a nuisance under § 93.21 shall be enforced accordingly as a violation of that section.
  • Any business requiring service for more than 190 gallons or requiring pick up more than once a week shall provide for its own garbage collection.
  • Business establishments shall privately dispose of any junked washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, and the like that are acquired. This matter shall not be accepted at the Town landfill or garbage disposal area.
  • Every site upon which one or more dumpsters are to be placed shall be located and constructed so as to facilitate collection and minimize any harmful effect on persons occupying the development site, neighboring properties, or public rights-of-way. Those developments hereafter established that are required to provide a refuse container shall locate the container on the property it serves. Any deterioration of the ground surface around a dumpster, i.e. broken pavement, ruts, standing water, etc., must be remedied within five business days from the personal delivery of notice or ten business days from the mailing of notice to the owner or operator by the code enforcement officer. Any dumpster area that is cited for this infraction more than three times in any six-month period must have a base pad and access drive paved with concrete, asphalt, or other bituminous paving.
  • Dumpster screening is required for any dumpster that is visible to the public from any point along the length of the business property at the building front.

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Brush / Tree Regulations

  • Tree limbs, hedge, and shrubbery cuttings, when not produced by a tree or landscape contractor, will be picked up, provided that the limbs, hedge, or shrubbery cuttings are cut in six-foot lengths and are not more than four inches in diameter and placed on the front of the lot with the large ends of each limb toward the street for quick loading.
  • No limbs or other debris will be picked up from vacant lots.
  • Tree limbs must be piled separately from other debris.
  • Any contractors who remove or trim trees and/or produce refuse in the form of stumps, limbs, or other rubbish shall first obtain a permit from the Town before commencing work. All refuse produced by contractors shall be removed by the contractors.
  • Debris, such as wire, vines, leaves, lumber, and the like, mixed with limbs and brush will cause a forfeit of pickup service. Residents will be responsible for removing the debris and fined upon failure to do so.
  • In-Season and Out-of-Season collection dates for leaves and grass clippings pick-up are as follows: In-Season (Not Bagged): Oct. 1-Dec. 31 and March 15-April 15. Out-of-Season (Must be Bagged): Jan. 1-March 14 and April 15-Sept. 30.
  • Leaves must be placed behind the sidewalk or curb so as to not impede stormwater drainage, pedestrian traffic, or vehicular traffic.
  • Leaves must be free of all limbs, brick, rock, and the like. If leaves are commingled with limbs, brick, rock, or other materials, the Town may refuse to collect the debris.

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Residential Regulations

  • 50.05(B)(1) All garbage containers shall be placed on the street no earlier than dusk on the evening prior to scheduled collection and no later than 7 a.m. on collection days. Containers shall be removed from the street and out of sight, where possible, by the owner or occupant of the premises by midnight on the day of collection. No containers of any type are to be placed, kept, or left on the street for any purpose on Saturday and Sunday except as provided for those with Monday pickups. The penalty is $100.
  • 50.05(D) In residential areas, all garbage must be in an approved 95-gallon roll-out container. The maximum total garbage pickup per residence shall not exceed 190 gallons per week. The Town will provide one 95-gallon container. If an extra 95-gallon container is needed, the resident will be responsible for purchasing a second container from the Town and will be billed at the Town’s cost. Spillover litter, excess items, bags by receptacles, or any other condition declared a nuisance under § 93.21 shall be enforced accordingly as a violation of that section.
  • Exemptions: Elderly, handicapped, or other persons may be granted an exemption from curbside collection by the Public Works Director for cause shown. Such persons will receive special collection services at a mutually determined site at the residence. Letter of Approval Must be On File with Code Compliance.

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Dumpsters in Residential Districts

No commercial dumpster shall be allowed to be kept on any premises within a residential district except as herein provided:

  1. Individual homeowners may obtain a permit from the Town for a temporary use commercial dumpster to foster structural renovation or repair when the improvements would produce more waste than could reasonably be accommodated by normal household receptacles.  Disposal of the dumpster shall be the responsibility of the permit’s applicant.
  2. Contractors and responsible parties of new construction not having adequate means to dispose daily of construction debris are hereafter required to obtain a permit and have a commercial dumpster on-site with adequate dimensions to house waste materials produced by any new construction. The dumpster must be emptied as frequently as necessary to keep all refuse and waste material consequent of the construction contained. Disposal of the dumpster shall be the responsibility of the contractor or responsible party listed on the permit.
  3. Permits for the temporary use of a commercial dumpster in a residential district shall be for a period of 30 days. Should the temporary dumpster be needed beyond the initial permit period, the applicant may obtain staff approval for an additional period of 30 days.

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Industrial Regulations

  • 50.08 The Town will not collect waste or refuse from manufacturing, assembling, or processing operations. No building materials or refuse from building operations or landscape contract work will be handled by the Town forces.

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